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Dreaming of a simpler life?  We have the trusted tools you need,  we teach sustainability skills, how to live, design and build resilient lifestyles and communities. How to increase soil fertility, increase yields and lower costs and create food,  gardens, food security, we empower families, family farms and farming communities in Thailand. We teach income empowerment by learning the skills of Permaculture design, soils, water harvesting, climate change mitigation, trees, crop regeneration, natural farming techniques forgotten long ago. We do this so rural and urban communities and families can increase incomes, while regenerating nature’s ecosystems and environments. We teach how to “work with nature rather than against her” using re-generative agriculture methods we build in multiple, multiple interconnected ecosystems services such that the whole area becomes regenerated and alive with life.

Many people are searching for more meaningful and fulfilling life, while earning an income. They want to learn how they can help the planet, we teach Permaculture design and/how to help create a better world while building ecosystems and soils. At Permaculture Institute Thailand (PIT) and Permaculture Research Institute Asia (PRI Thailand)  we teach how to save money farming, by mitigating chemical industrial farming and using natures lessons of making soils, regenerating soils. Using over ten different soils building techniques from science and recent information on soil life, we accelerate the soil creation process on farms, gardens and in cities. By using the principals of Permaculture and working with natural processes, we recreate (regenerate) natural ecosystems and environments, and thus accelerate soil life and growth. Healing  damage done by previous chemical fertilizers and biocides. Our International Permaculture Design course based on Bill Mollison’s “Permaculture a Designers Manual” teaches solutions that allow us to easily grow our own food, catch and store clean water and energy, drought  proof our farms and gardens, build low cost beautiful natural buildings, reestablish trees and forests similar to here (video Loses plateau) but on a smaller scale. We plan for climate change, heal the soil, land, nature, planet while empowering communities, neighborhoods and families.  We show how to grow chemical free nutrient dense food,  supply edible gardens to schools, build a quality of life for all people, while also helping the planet.

Permaculture is a solution for our time.  A solution for all people, plants, animals and for human civilization. Both rural and especially for urban dwellers who want to take action. Permaculture is an ethical design science, using innovative science using agro-ecological techniques and  ecosystem intensification to deliver greater sustainability and higher value global food chains” – H.C. Story. Permaculture takes an ethical view that applies natures lessons, to designing ways of living that are highly sustainable. It teaches how to “work with nature rather than against her”. Food security, community resilience, local economy, natural buildings, ecosystems regeneration and biodiversity are all included in Permaculture “designed living”.
The Permaculture Institute Thailand  (PIT) and Permaculture Institute Asia (PIA) are Permaculture education and demonstration organization. We encourage, support and facilitate all forums of education, demonstration sites, that offer resources, groups, courses and people associated with and practicing Permaculture in Asia and Thailand.  All qualified Designers, Consultants, Instructors and Projects. We are aligned with Permaculture Association of US, Permaculture UK and PRI Australia values, ethics, principals and education. We are primarily an education Institution in Thailand with courses in Thailand, Laos, Asia and even America. We host and teach both local and international youth including local young farmers in Permaculture. Our methods employ ecological intensification, sustainable living, growing high quality foods and building resilient natural buildings and communities.
Our certificates are “Internationally recognized world wide” for meeting International standard Permaculture education. Our courses offer “hands on how to” leading to skills and jobs as Permaculture as project “Land Managers” , Designers and consultants in your own business. We also offer internships and apprenticeships (terms 3 to 12 months) on Permaculture farms and projects in Asia. We have access to over 135 farms and projects in Asia thru our sister organization WWOOF Thailand and Permaculture Institute Asia.

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We support and teach sustainable living thru research in ecological agriculture, bio ecology (read non-GMO) crops and non-chemical intensive farming, we work to conserve natural agricultural biodiversity and a fair and equitable food system. We ask “what does it matter to be a great rice exporter, if the farmers are still poor?” and look for niches of increased yield and demand to support rural small family farms.

Permaculture in Thailand applies to both rural poor and rich urban areas equally.  ( one in ten households in rural areas live in poverty).  Our mission is to spread Permaculture, it’s Ethics, Principals and techniques thru out Thailand and Asia to all people. Using the ideas, research and appropriate technologies of Permaculture to focus on making more sustainable livelihoods and where possible address issues of poverty, through family empowerment, community mobilization around sustainable, income-generation activities, combining, cultural, craft, ecological and food security dimensions of rural life which holds tremendous potential for both income generation and enhancement for the basic quality of life using Permaculture techniques.  Creating closed loop systems, teaching sustainable living practices, regenerating ecosystems as part of our Permaculture practices. Students get the rare opportunity to work hands on with local farms and farmers thru our sister organization WWOOF Thailand ( by staying at no/low cost on Traditional Rice farms thru out Thailand.  NGO’s, Experiential youth organizations, eco-tourism, agri-tourism and environmentally active organizations help us address the threat of climate change by participating in our rural programs. We provide real help to Thailand and the world by providing education and cultural exchange of people, youth and new ideas. We bring rural communities, farms and people together with youth  of the world in hands on projects that build a better world.

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John Champagne      Permaculture Course Manual      Geoff Lawton, PRI Australia


Our graduates move into waiting jobs upon completion of their 6 or 12 month internships. The PDC course serves as foundation for further permaculture work and study and is a prerequisite for the Diploma in Permaculture Design, offered through The Permaculture Institute Asia. Credit for this course is now accepted by a growing number of universities around the world. To date, thousands of permaculture designers worldwide have been certified through this course, and now comprise a global network of educators, ecological activists who influence major corporations, individuals creating new business alternatives and groups of committed people working together to change the way we view and design into our landscapes.

What we Do –  We specialize in healing the land and re-building “regenerating” ecosystems, our courses empower and educate others to do the same. We conduct research, creating healthy food and market incentives and raising public awareness. PIT can affect large-scale change in the Wet/Dry tropics of farms by designing Rice Paddy and Aquaculture integration into Asia’s rice paddy system.  The result is year round income to farms. Implementation and application of the Chinampa system with swales to provide “droubt proof” moist productive soil resulting in year round growing environments. We create a holistic approach to agriculture. We have set a goal of establishing 4 permaculture Hubs across Thailand. These would be strategically-placed, locally led and managed hubs around bio-regional areas of Thailand– the goal is to empower people to use properly managed, rice paddy’s, aquaculture and livestock to heal the land. Our group is composed of the leading practitioners of Holistic design and planning. We strive to insure that all our decisions are socially, economically, and ecologically regenerative and sustainable, we wish to help build the next generation of healthy natural holistic food farmers in Thailand and teach visitors around the world ecologically intensive farming.

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