Bamboo keeps getting more sustainable as a multipurpose material. It is plant indigenous to Thailand. Our permaculture group consists of individuals, ,volunteer organizations, businesses, non-profits, NGO’s, institutions, and allied design, architecture trade corporations. We all share a common interest in BAMBOO.
PIT and PIA wish to improve and promote the use, design and common interest in Bamboo. We develop and promote the conditions affecting its use, the industry and the common interest. We are dedicated to promoting the use of bamboo and bamboo products for the sake of the environment, economy, social return on investment and the future generations. It is a plant of the past with a very bright and a sustainable future.

Bamboo science, utilization and promotion – The Global Bamboo Resources Directory

BamBook is a joint-venture project sponsored by the World Bamboo Organization and INBAR. It is the first of its kind, and much needed!

Our hope is that this Global Bamboo Resources Directory of bamboo & rattan professionals will further promote the many benefits of these versatile plants. We envision this a very useful directory of bamboo people – a list of practitioners who are leading in their fields, a guide to who is working in specific sectors of the bamboo world, and to whom both organizations can “endorse” as being the very best in bamboo. As it evolves, it will also include the best of the major bamboo businesses – commercial companies – who sell bamboo products.

When you open BamBook, it will appear to be a list of persons, identified first by COUNTRY, then alphabetically by name. Simply choose what country you want to search, and then click on a person’s name, or the organization they represent.   From there, you will get the contact info for each expert and a short description of their area of expertise.