The founding first Thailand convergence was established in May, 2013  by Nick Tittle and Adam representing the oldest permaculture project in Thailand, The Panya Project. Howard Story, also a founding member presented at this first convergence on the newly formed Permaculture Institute Thailand (PIT) and the new  WWOOF Thailand organization.  For more on recent convergence information go to the following website.


1st Annual Convergence at Panya Project – May 4-5, 2013
2nd Annual Convergence at Kaliash Akhara – April, 2014
3rd Annual Convergence  at WannakasetMarch, 2015
4th Annual Convergence at   Suan Loong Choke   – March 12-14, 2016
5th Thailand convergence will be in Buriram  – March 9-12 2017.


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NEXT PDC in 2017 in LAOS at SAELAOS Project

Incorporating closed loop system approaches, modeling human industry on nature’s processes, as well as natural building techniques, participants will combine classroom learning with hands on building; using mud bricks (made on site), earth bags, bamboo, recycled materials, stone and timber.

Topics Covered Include-• Site selection and context• Closed loop principles • Foundations and Roofing – important points to remember• Natural building materials – basics and characteristics• Passive heating and cooling
• Thermal mass and insulation• Natural ventilation• Incorporating closed loop systems into design – water and waste• Energy – sourcing and efficiency• Design and development

DATES – January 15th – 30, 2017
Class hours are 09:00 – 13:00
Hands On 14:30 – 17:00

WHERE –  SAE LAO project is based in Ban Nathong, 7km West of Vang Vieng in the Vientiane Province of Lao PDR. Around 300m from the blue lagoon, a beautiful and popular tourist destination, the project is on the edge of the forest, surrounded by dramatic limestone mountains and rice fields.


SYMPOSIUMS – International Society for Horticultural Science







Permablitz   (large ferro-cement pond) January 31 to Feb 1  and  February 7 to 8, 2015 , food and accommodation provided. Contact email:,  tel:089-555-1303. Phayao Permaculture Center


Education and training is central to permaculture. It is probably the main reason why permaculture is now busily working in over 120 countries around the world. Permaculture teachers tend to be active practitioners rather than trained teachers, although permaculture is now being adopted by schools and colleges in many countries. The successful work to get permaculture onto the syllabus in Australia and its adoption across southern African schools as part of the ReSCOPE program are two good examples.

There are increasing numbers of schools and colleges in the UK that are looking to incorporate permaculture into their work, and many centers and groups that offer courses as part of their adult education work. If you are involved in permaculture work in a school or college please do contact us and tell us about your work.