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Green Bangkok is a community based social enterprise building momentum with people, businesses, schools, children and restaurants in Bangkok. It is a social enterprise that works in resource recovery and chemical free urban food growing to create jobs for people and young people who want to farm natural organic healthy food. It is a means of creating positive change for the city, the country and the planet, and for individuals with limited gateways to employment to get involved. It is managed by WWOOF Thailand, an umbrella organization for organic food and community development in Thailand. and



Urban food Gardens

Urban gardens

Urban Waste recycling

An innovative project, which Green Bangkok is focusing on, is organic urban grown food, a chemical free community-based project. Living classroom school project’s establish edible school gardens as living classrooms at schools. The school provides land and the community provides volunteers, funding, partnering with the community to establish a model farm to grow chemical free food. Support rapid and equatable urban transformation that is socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and builds resilience to climate change thru food security and community resilience.

Urban food garden

Green Bangkok is still in its early stages on urban growing on roof top, condo balcony, back yard and community gardens, each have the potential of showing what a urban food can be and do.
Green Bangkok also plans to demonstrate how recycling itself can benefit everyone and keep 85% of waste out of landfill. We need to create a volunteer base for the project, and need community support. Green Bangkok has other resource recovery projects and is currently working to close the loop on waste and food. In late 2015 we will establish a pick-up service for food waste, compost this waste at a farm, and use this compost to grow food. Committed people make outcomes for the community which straddles the line between driving toward city sustainability and caring for people, the country and the planet. A social enterprise such as Green Bangkok must be a grass roots effort with strong support of the immediate community. A bottom up approach means those close to core issues of the community are the ones acting on them.

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