• Permaculture Garden Manager – Buri Ram province, Thailand. – Must have experience managing a community garden preferably in a tropical setting. Bio Intensive experience is an asset.   for details Contact:
  • Permaculture Project Internship Leader – Buri Ram province, Thailand – must have PDC Certification and 1-2 years Internship experience. Willing to relocate and manage education and Demonstration site with Interns for 3 months.  accommodation and food supplied. Suitable for small family as well.
  • Paid Internship – A wonderful volunteer opportunity to offer to the permaculture community…… looking for a long term volunteer couple or pair of friends who would like to help build a productive farm at Eden Eco Village in Southern Cambodia We would like to create gardens to provide food for our Resort guests as well as to demonstrate new farming modalities in action to local Khmer people. Room and board and a small stipend of $100/month will be paid in return for 8hrs of work per day. We are looking for a couple with at least a few months to devote to the project. the right applicant will have some practical experience in alternative farming methods as well as a wealth of ideas and enthusiasm. Please PM me on FB for more information.




    • GROW Programme Director (Delivery and Development)
      As Programme Director (Delivery and Development), you will have responsibility for the successful delivery of a citizens’ observatory for growers, gardeners, small and family farmers, land and soil advocates, and space scientists. Your role is central to the development of a research group at University of Dundee specialising in large scale, international projects. Grade 8 (£39,324 – £46,924), 1.0 FTE, Fixed term until 31/10/2019 (36 months)Deadline: 30th September 2016   Full details: Reference SDAD0024
  • Operations Manager   For full info:
  • Grants Manager





Seasonal Jobs 

Seasonal Picking Jobs


CANADA - Permaculture and Green Jobs

Good Works Canada       Project Manager, Coordinator, Designer, Nature Kids Education

Local food gardening facilitator/instructor, p/t, EarthBites, Vancouver BC

Organic farm caretakers needed for 2017, accom./vol., Windy Mountain Road Farm, North Shore, Nova Scotia

Organic Farm Internship – fall season, accom., ManoRun Organic Farm, near Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario



  • Northy Street Farm, Brisbon –





How to land your IDEAL Permaculture Job

Permaculture Jobs, Sustainable Living and Endless Travel


One of the ways the world has really been opening up over the past decade is through farm-stay work exchanges. With the growing interest in healthier lifestyles and home food production, as well as an increase in international living and making friends, it’s no wonder that progressive-minded people have invested in properties abroad with the world with the intention of getting “off the grid”, attempting self-sustainability, and living gloriously green. You can join them by volunteering with Permaculture Institute Thailand and with WWOOF Thailand. A great volunteering way to learn for little outlay is to do a cultural work exchange. Here in Thailand you can learn and practice to see if this lifestyle is for you and your family at organizations like us WWOOF Thailand ( and our affiliate Permaculture Institute Thailand and Asia. . In turn, such green-minded progressives volunteers have come to WWOOF with hosts who seek the help of these able-bodied travelers willing to work for room and board in a natural setting on a self sustainable land holding. Volunteers help 4-5 hours a day for no/low fee food and accommodation: It’s a win-win situation for everyone and, more importantly, a beautiful thing for the planet.

For years now (WWOOF has been around for 45 years and is now in over 100 countries) long-term travelers and adventurers could spend a few weeks doing seasonal work on commercial big farms, picking fruit or vegetables to earn menial but valued wages. It was hard, sometimes monotonous labor but a means by which to earn your keep somewhere and see a bit of the world to boot. Seasonal jobs, however, tended to be more commonly available in affluent countries of regions such as Europe, Australasia, North America, and often required special work-travel visas. (Unfortunately, citizens from certain countries aren’t eligible for many such jobs, as governments often do not reciprocate working relationships with other countries.) But this is changing.

To deal with this difficult issue and simplify matters, online volunteering organizations such as WWOOF have grown in recent years, and thrifty travelers have found new ways to stay on the move long-term without draining their savings, but also without having to obtain work visas. Likewise, clued-up property owners have figured out how to find and keep enthusiastic workers without breaking their bank accounts or becoming businesses. The experience is often far better than expected.
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