Welcome to the Permaculture Institute of Thailand’s knowledge base. We are just starting it. Please be patient. It will be a digital warehouse of “best Practices”

Permaculture is an integrated approach to designing stable, productive, nature and wildlife friendly farms that support local ecosystems. It is a practice shared now in over 100 countries. The yield’s are “greater results” in “quality” and “quantity” of nutrient rich foods than support our personal and planet health in total contrast to our current chemical and poison spray based agriculture food industry.

It is based on permaculture humanistic ethics, nature’s eco-system supporting principles and design approaches, taught in the Permaculture Design Course created by Bill Molission and David Holmgren and is based on the book “Permaculture a Designers Manual”.

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Current Projects and Research:

Water Drought Proofing

Urban Food and Planing

Rice Paddy Aquaculture


Coconut Cow Broad Acre in dry season