Regional Area Hubs

REGIONAL – People, Projects, Places

NORTH – Chang Mai – Phitsanlouk – Phayao

EAST – Issan – Korat – Sisaket – Udon Thani

CENTRAL – Kanchanaburi – Petchaburi – Chonburi

SOUTH – Surithani – Pattani

Purpose of Hubs is Local capacity building.
It includes but is not limited to:
Local Monthly or Bi monthly meetings
Environmental education and awareness
Forest resources and biodiversity education
Efficient and effective use of Land and water resources.
Education, including uses of Keyline, swales, water-drought proofing, soil rehabilitation
Annual Cash Crop rotation; Rice => Wheat => Legumes => Buckwheat => Mustard

SCHOOL’s and Edible School Gardens
Pollution and the effect of chemicals on soil and water.
Energy efficiency, renewable energy, solar energy
Natural Buildings
Climate change, and building food security and community resiliency.
Research and Experimentation